Descarga el GDS Versión 8.0.33 en Español

GDS is available for Windows operating system, from version XP to Windows 11. Download the latest version to always enjoy the latest product news.

No importa el idioma en que descargues el GDS. Siempre puedes cambiar el idioma en tiempo de ejecución mediante las teclas Mayús.-F1, para Español, Mayús.-F2 para Catalán, o Myús.-F3 para Inglés.

Descargarrega el GDS Versió 8.0.33 en Català

GDS està disponible per al sistema operatiu Windows, des de la versió XP fins a Windows 11. Descarrega’t l’última versió per gaudir sempre de les darreres novetats del producte.

No importa l’idioma en què descarregueu el GDS. Sempre podeu canviar l’idioma en temps d’execució mitjançant les tecles Maj.-F1, per a Espanyol, Maj.-F2 per a Català, o Myús.-F3 per a Anglès.

Download el GDS Version 8.0.33 in English

GDS is available for the Windows operating system, from XP to Windows 11. Download the latest version to always enjoy the latest product news.

The language in which you download the GDS does not matter. You can always change the language at runtime by pressing Shift-F1 for Spanish, Shift-F2 for Catalan, or Shift-F3 for English.

version 05.2000

Download the GDS manual

More than 400 pages will guide you from start to end to master the GDS like an expert. Download the manual and always have it at hand to gradually discover the functionality of the program.

version 3.9

Download the demo database

You can download a demo Database to familiarize yourself with using GDS, before starting your Database, or even alternate using that Database with your own.

The Demo Database has 1234 people and about 35 images. With it you will be able to use all the functions of GDS with the exception that you will not be able to add people although you will be able to update data.

See how to install and use below.

Attention: The download only installs the data, it is not the program.

A) Make sure you have the GDS installed. If not, download and install the GDS from this same website.

B) Download the demo database from here, which will be incorporated into your computer

C) Start GDS and if it asks you to assign the Data Directory, don’t do it. If you already have a database, proceed as usual.

D) Access the menu File … Play with the DEMO

You will now be able to work with that database. You can modify but not add people.

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