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Version 8.0.29 available

  Announcing revision 8.0.29
Why a new revision?

GDS is continually changing and we are proud to adapt whenever possible to the needs expressed by users.

New features:

In the case that image files have been added in the Data Directory manually without the control of the GDS, when the program is started, the situation is detected and, in the case that an added file has the same name as an existing one but with different extension (which Windows does not detect), it is indicated to the user which files are the ones that have to be deleted.

Correction of problems:

Small correction in the import of GEDCOM files.

Small corrections

In the Family chart you can visualize the titles in several lines. The maximum number of characters to display is defined in the preference box, as well as the maximum number of characters in each line

Substantial improvements in the Family Chart in terms of stability, line accuracy, display of wills and others.

The GEDCOM Export function admits alternative dates in the form of between date and date.

In the Update panel and Registration of persons, the possibility of obtaining the list of all the names, surnames, etc., existing in the Database, in each one of the spaces of entry of the same ones, is added in order to facilitate entry. If you try to enter data that already exist in the Database, your search is very easy.

Family chart announcement. This consists in the integration of the graphics of Ancestors and Descendants in a single graph in which both can be represented simultaneously.

The chart may represent the Ancestors only, the Descendants only, or both.

The user has the same options that he had in the chart of Descendants, which are added to the new incorporation of the Ancestors.

If the person has a single spouse there is the option to show the spouse's ancestors, along with those of the person.

In addition, when there are ancestors that appear several times, in the same or different generation, it is pointed out appropriately, joining the repeated people with a dotted line, just as it is done in the chart of Descendants.

The program optimizes the space that is free when in any generation does not know one or more Ancestors. The user decides the number of generations to display independently in both directions.

Other indications are added in the chart, both wills and matrimonial chapters

The number of possible spouses is increased to 10.

Up to 8 wills or codicicles of a person can be entered. Before it was limited to 1.

The old Ancestors chart disappears.

Calculation of the assignment of a surname number. This function exposes the path that leads to the calculation of a surname number. It is called from the calculation window of a person's surnames.

Extending the length of many data fields.

Small corrections.

Whether you have installed the version 8.0, as if you have another version of GDS, or GDS not installed, you can download this review.

Remember that to install a new revision or version of GDS it is necessary that GDS is stopped. Otherwise the new revision will not be installed.

See paragraph Downloads and prices for more details

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