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If you are already a registered user of previous versions of GDS

If you are familiar with GDS observe that the migration to Version 8.0 does not represent any traumatic change since Version 8.0 is fully compatible with previous versions. The database is converted authomaticaly.

Significant Changes in operating simply show the improvements that you can read in the New Functions section on this website, you will see which are these new features and functionality improvements in the new version.

A major change is not functional but affects how databases are recorded. Please read the paragraph GDS Version 8.0.0 Available at What is GDS? to better understand the motivations of change and the benefits they represent to you as a user in the future.

Therefore, if you still want an old version, download it from this website and install it. Remember to maintain GDS inactive while installing, because otherwise it does not install the new version. Once you start GDS again you will be prompted to register the database.

If you have multiple databases, you must register them independently.

From this moment on, your database can be moved to another computer without re-registering again because the register will be included in the database and not on the computer.

We hope you enjoy the new version as you do with the previous versions. From our part we can only be grateful to the continued support that GDS gets from you and provide the best supprot that you deserve.

Earlier versions recharge.

In case you are user of Versions 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 and do not want to change to Version 8.0, you can still download these versions.

Note that we will not issue new licenses for versions prior to 8.0, so you should only download these versions in the case of having had a reason for recharging GDS in oyur computer.

- Download General Family Documentation System - Old GDS Version (For former users of this version in any revision only)

You can install the GDS directly running this file: Attention: Stop the GDS before running the file you download. Otherwise no updating is done correctly.

There are three languages installed, two of them you can download from here. Anyway you can always change the language during the performance of GDS.

[+] GDS Version 7.0.35 in English

Version 7.0 registered users only

[+] GDS Versión 7.0.35 en Castellano

Solamente para usuarios registrados de la Versión 6.0

[+] GDS Version 6.0.43 in English

46,6 MBytes - Version 6.0 registered users only -- Atention: Does not supports Windows 10 ---

[+] GDS Versión 6.0.43 en Castellano

46,6 MBytes - Solamente para usuarios registrados de la Versión 6.0 -- Atención: No soporta Windows 10 ---

[+] GDS Version 5.0.49 in English

29,5 MBytes (No technical support avalable) - Version 5.0 registered users only -- Atention: Does not supports Windows 10 ---

[+] GDS Versión 5.0.49 en Castellano

29,5 MBytes (No tiene soporte técnico) - Solamente para usuarios registrados de la Versión 5.0 -- Atención: No soporta Windows 10 ---

GDS is
Millions of downloads since 1993. Over 200 versions and revisions. Check its values.

Unique functions in the World. Easily usable by non-experts in computer technology, while highly sophisticated in its advanced features.

Only program supporting European as well as Standard naming conventions.

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