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How to get support from GDS?

Throughout your experience with GDS you may have doubts about some parts of its operation. You may also find a problem that occurs during the process and you want an answer to help you solving it.

You have at your disposal the following options for assistance:

A) Pressing the F1 key at any time, very often a help windows will be displayed that will help you to understand your options at that time.

B) On the Menu What can I do now? will always exist a list of the most common actions you can do at that moment. The list is dynamic, so depending on the action that is performing you will always get the optimal list.

C) From the menu, you can always go to Help and display the full GDS Manual. This manual can also be downloaded from this website (see the sidebar).
The manual intends to be complete and has a topics index that can guide you in detail to all functions of GDS.

D) In the event that you cannot resolve your problem or question you may send an e-mail to

Actually we make every effort to ensure that you receive adequate support in each case. Please understand that we can take some time to respond to all requirements. If we see that it is difficult to respond directly to the information you provide, we will contact you by e-mail.
GDS is
Millions of downloads since 1993. Over 200 versions and revisions. Check its values.

Unique functions in the World. Easily usable by non-experts in computer technology, while highly sophisticated in its advanced features.

Only program supporting European as well as Standard naming conventions.

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