General Family Documentation System
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Screenshots of GDS

Check out some windows and graphs extracted from the demo database.
Side Graphic of Ancestors Sending a Report by e-mail The structure of the thematic albums Analysis names, Surnames and places
The Descendant Tree between two Individuals Creating a document associated with the photo Assigning a rectangle of the Photo to an individual The thumbnails of a Photo and Document Album
Descendant Tree Display information of the person Family relationship between two individuals Consanguinity analysys of the ancestors
The Individual Panel Standard entry of dates Entering Addresses Options for sending a report by E-mail
Panel of Equivalencies of Names Statistical Analysis of the Database Chart number of alive Life span Graph
Accepting a scanned image Options of printing of Photo or Document Panel of Analysis of integration of duplicated Individuals The Analysis of Surnames
The List of Thematic Albums The list of Individuals The list of Ancestors The List of descendants
Seeing the Contents of all the rectangles of the Photo
GDS is
Millions of downloads since 1993. Over 200 versions and revisions. Check its values.

Unique functions in the World. Easily usable by non-experts in computer technology, while highly sophisticated in its advanced features.

Only program supporting European as well as Standard naming conventions.

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