General Family Documentation System
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Frequently asked questions

1. Opening GDS can not find the database that I created. What can I do?
2. How can I recover the GDS operation after a failure that requires the reset of the system?
3. How can I assign a photo to the album of a person?
4. I do not understand the functioning of the descendant tree.
5. If I have a registered GDS database, can I use it on my desktop and the laptop at a time?
6. Currently I have all my genealogical data entered into the program PAF 4.0 of the Mormons. Is it possible to "import" information to GDS?.
7. How do I delete a photo from the Photo Album?
8. By downloading a new revision of GDS, Should I uninstall the old one first?
9. If there is a new revision of the GDS in the website, can I install it on my computer?
10. I have installed GDS on my home PC and also in the office, the database is the same. If I work with in one of these, how I can work with the other?.
11. How I can assign a photo to the panel of a person?
12. How I can order photographs of the same date?
13. I have placed a sibling in the wrong order. How do I place it on the right place?
14. If I buy now GDS, can I later change computers without paying again?
15. Appeared to me an error and has stopped GDS - What do I do?
16. What if I am wrong and I have introduced a person repeatedly?
17. Why every time I close GDS it alerts me to protect my database?
GDS is
Millions of downloads since 1993. Over 200 versions and revisions. Check its values.

Unique functions in the World. Easily usable by non-experts in computer technology, while highly sophisticated in its advanced features.

Only program supporting European as well as Standard naming conventions.

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