General Family Documentation System
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GDS Download

- Download the General Family Documentation System - GDS Version 8.0.19

You will install GDS just executing the file that you will download from here.

You will be free to use it as long as you want, with the only limitation of the introduction of 50 persons.

Please do not be upset to receive invitations to acquire the registration of the Database during the execution. You will always be allowed to disregard it.

There are three languages available, but language is something that can be changed during the execution of GDS.

Remember to have GDS inactive during the installation process of GDS Version 8.0.19 Otherwise the new version will not be installed.

If you are not a user with a registered database from Version 8.0, you can use the GDS with as many databases as you want until the introduction of 50 people. When you want to keep more than 50 people to unlimited, see the prices below.

[+] Download GDS Versión 8.0.19 in English

Attention: When downloading the GDS installer you will probably get a message stating that it can not be installed (For example in Windows 10: Windows protected your PC. Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented the start of an unknown application ...). You can syfely click on the message 'More information' and then 'Run anyway'. This is because we are in the process of certification and the operating system can not find it. We guarantee that the download is safe.

[+] Descarga de GDS Versión 8.0.19 en Castellano

Atención: Al descargar el instalador del GDS es probable que le aparezca un mensaje indicando que no se puede instalar (Por ejemplo en Windows 10: Windows protegió su PC. SmartScreen de Windows Defender impidió el inicio de una aplicación desconocida...). Puede pulsar con tranquilidad el mensaje que dice 'Más información' y después 'Ejecutar de todas formas'. Esto se debe a que estamos en el trámite de certificación y, el sistema operativo no la encuentra. Le garantizamos que la descarga es segura.

[+] Descàrrega de GDS Versió 8.0.19 en Català

Atenció: En descarregar l'instal·lador del GDS és probable que li aparegui un missatge indicant que no es pot instal·lar (Per exemple a Windows 10: Windows va protegir el seu PC. SmartScreen de Windows Defender va impedir l'inici d'una aplicació desconeguda ...). Pot prémer amb tranquil·litat el missatge que diu 'Més informació' i després 'Executar de totes maneres'. Això es deu al fet que estem en el tràmit de certificació i, el sistema operatiu no la troba. Li garantim que la descàrrega és segura.

GDS Prices

The price is set by Database. Thus a database, once registered, can be installed on another computer. The only condition is that the user should be the same.

The price is 88 Euros. (If you have installed your Database in Version 7.0, the price is 49 Euros. In this case, register from the program itself and not from the web)
GDS is
Millions of downloads since 1993. Over 200 versions and revisions. Check its values.

Unique functions in the World. Easily usable by non-experts in computer technology, while highly sophisticated in its advanced features.

Only program supporting European as well as Standard naming conventions.

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