General Family Documentation System
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Your comments on GDS

GDS has been built by listening carefully to each and every one of the users who wished to criticize constructively the various versions since 1988. The deficiencies found have been addressed and, as far as we could, resolved in a short space of time. Improvements have been applied in a very high percentage when possible and we felt that they further enriched GDS. That is why we encourage you to send us any suggestions. We do not guarantee its implementation, but we always will consider them and will prioritize within our product development plan.
If you want to send us a suggestion right now, please send an e-mail to in which, in addition to it, if you wish, you can inform us of your name and e-mail address, so that we can reply.
GDS is
Millions of downloads since 1993. Over 200 versions and revisions. Check its values.

Unique functions in the World. Easily usable by non-experts in computer technology, while highly sophisticated in its advanced features.

Only program supporting European as well as Standard naming conventions.

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